Arnold Reigger

Arnold ReiggerArnold Reigger started shooting in 1942 and soon became one of the greatest legends of trapshooting. Arnold alone was responsible for the adoption of the 27 yard line which he soon mastered.

Arnold has earned many wins at local and national levels:
• Washington State Singles Champion in 1949,1950,1955,1959,1960,1964,1965, and 1966
• Washington State Doubles Champion in 1963,1969, and 1970
• Washington State HAA in 1955,1959,1960,1964,1965,1966 and 1967
• Washington State HOA in 1949,1951,1954,1955,1959,1960,1965, and 1966
• Grand Pacific Doubles Champion in 1951,1953,1954, and 1959
• Grand Pacific Singles Champion in 1954 and 1959
• Grand Pacific Handicap Champion in 1954
• Grand Pacific HAA in 1951, 1953 and 1954
• Grand Pacific HOA in 1951 and 1954
• PITA All Star Team in 1951,1955,1959, and 1960
• Personal ling run of 1434 in Singles

Arnold’s ability for concentration and control is unmatched. He shot in all kinds of weather and had a reputation for never pulling out of a shoot or turning down a target.

There are many stories about Arnold and one of the best is when there was a car put up as an option in Reno. Arnold’s Dad told him to go to Reno and win that car, He took a bus so he could drive the car home and he did!

These stories and many others, along with Arnold’s achievements will always make him one of the greatest legends of trapshooting