Kent Harris was born September 8, 1943, in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Kent was just a few years old the family moved to Boise, Idaho and he has lived there ever since.

As a young boy, Kent began to go to gun clubs, turkey shoots, and registered shoots with his Dad, in the early 1950’s. By 1956, Kent began to shoot and worked as a trap boy at various clubs to pay for his shooting. He continued to work, shoot and supervise trap help at the Boise Gun Club until her entered the Army in 1968.

He served in the US Army from 1968-70 in Italy. He then returned to Boise where he has taught science in the same Junior High School for 29 years.

Kent has served on the Board of Directors at the Boise Gun Club for a total of 14 years, as treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president. He has also served on the Idaho State PITA Board of Directors continuously for 27 years, as president for 10 years and secretary for 17 years. Kent served on the PITA Executive Committee for 6 years.

Here are some of Kent’s accomplishments:
• PITA All-Star Team in 86-88-90-96-97-98
• Idaho State PITA All-Star Team – 22 times between 1973 and 1998
• Idaho State ATA All-Star Team 6 times – 3 1st place and 3 2nd place
• Idaho State PITA Doubles Champion 4 times
• Idaho State PITA Singles Champion 1 time
• Idaho State PITA Handicap Champion 1 time
• Idaho State PITA HOA 2times
• Idaho State PITA HAA 1 time
• Idaho State ATA Handicap Champion 4 times
• Idaho State ATA HAA 1 time
• 12 HOA Championships in 1989
• First Idaho shooter to have shot over 150,000 PITA targets and also has over 100,000 ATA targets