Robert Erickson

Bob has been shooting for many years. He is the first Washington State PITA Shooter to have broken 100 straight from the 27 yard line. Bob is the only shooter to have won the Grand Pacific Handicap twice with 100 straight each time, once in 1978 and once in 1998.

Bob has a Grand Slam in both the PITA and the ATA. He is the only Washington State Shooter to have accomplished this. At the time of his induction, Bob had registered 136,500 PITA targets and 97,100 ATA targets. He is a life member of both organizations.

Bob’s many achievements include:
Grand Pacific:
• 1978 Grand Pacific Handicap Champion
• 1989 Grand Pacific HOA and HAA
• 1994 Ray Yasui Handicap 27 yard winner and Grand Pacific Handicap Champion
• 1995 Past President Handicap 27 yard winner
• 1998 Ray Yasui Handicap 27 yard winner, Past President Handicap 27 yard winner, Handicap Champion, HAA and AA HOA

Washington State:
• 1984 PM Johnson Handicap Champion
• 1986 AA HOA Champion
• 1987 Singles Champion
• 1994 AA Doubles Champion and AA HAA Champion
• 1995 Gary Gassaway Singles Champion, AA HAA Champion and HOA Champion
• 1998 AB Youngs Doubles Champion
• 1999 Ken Lavier Handicap Champion, AA HAA Champion and HOA Champion

Bob has so many wins from Arizona to British Columbia in all disciplines that we don’t have room to list them all.

Bob has been on the All-Star Team 8 times. He has also been on the Washington State High Average Team 8 times for singles, 11 times for handicap and 2 times for doubles. He has been on the Washington State ATA High Average team 9 times for handicap and 4 times for doubles.

Bob has dedicated many years to trapshooting, both in supporting the PITA and spending countless hours helping at local gun clubs. His shooting record as outlined speaks for itself. We are proud to welcome Bob Erickson into the PITA Hall of Fame.