George Ahart

Working tirelessly for the preservation and ongoing legacy of the sport of trapshooting, George will enter the Hall of Fame this year to be recognized for his many service contributions throughout his years of involvement with the PITA.

Serving on the PITA’s executive board for more than 20 years, George has supported and helped advance trapshooting. He took an interest in younger people and developed the YES Program in 2001, and helps coordinate other states to encourage younger shooters to join the PITA.

In 1991, George was the driving force in getting the first woman on the Executive Committee, and, in 1992, his efforts elected Pat Zeller, the first woman president of the PITA.

His involvement with PITA has taken him to Alaska, Canada, West Virginia, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Nevada as president and vice present to support the sport.

Being recognized for service rarely covers all the time and energy devoted by the inductee. Those who know George can list all his assistance in setting targets, working on trap machines, and his volunteering to help in any way. From donating buckles for the California state shoot and the Grand Pacific, George’s devotion and participation in the sport, including shooting over 200,000 targets, is never ending.