Jack Gilmour

Jack Gilmour hails from Nanaimo, BC. Jack became interested in shooting as a young boy when his
neighbor invited him to shoot tin cans in an empty field. After failing to hit even
one can he vowed to learn the sport and become the best shot in Nanaimo. He practiced shooting sugar
cubes out of the air. Eventually, he hit almost everything he aimed his rifle at.

Jack began shooting trap in 1967 and never looked back. Jack worked as a commercial fisherman on th
West Coast of Vancouver Island for 40 years. He managed to devote time to both family an shooting on
his brief times at home.

Jack has been involved in the Nanaimo Fish & Game Trap Club for the past 8 years. He has been and
continues to be instrumental in fund raising, building and maintenance of the club.

Over the years Jack has won numerous trophies, buckles and pins. His most memorable achievements

▪ Five times at the 27 yard line
▪ Forty-nine 100 straights
▪ Ninety-eight 99’s
▪ Five 200 straights
▪ Two 100 straights in Doubles
▪ Long run of 360
▪ Achievement award of 250,000 targets in 2012
▪ PITA All Star 10 times
▪ BC All Star 17 times
▪ VISL All Star 19 times

Congratulations on your many shooting accomplishments, Jack, and welcome to the PITA Hall of Fame.
Jack Gilmour

Congratulations on your shooting accomplishments and welcome to the PITA Hall of Fame.