Walter (Walt) Coulson

Walt Coulson, of Crescent City, CA, has served and supported the PITA, CSTA and various local clubs
in a variety of capacities from 1995 to 2013, a period of 17 years. From helping to start a trap
club to serving as the PITA President, Walt’s contributions span a wide breadth of services

Among other tasks, Walt has contributed public relation skills, grant writing abilities, fundraising
opportunities, financial support and manual labor; all in the name of the betterment of the sport.
Always willing to lend a helping hand, Walt was able to assist with emergencies as they arose,
moving from one project to the next without complaint.

Walt served on the PITA Executive Committee for 14 years, five of which were as President. Walt also
served on the YES Sub-Committee from 1997-1998.

In addition, Walt was a staunch supporter of a number of trap clubs in CA including Coon Creek, Eel
River and Del Norte, as well as numerous clubs in other States. Walt helped build the Del Norte Rod
& Gun Club and served as its President for seven years.

Achievements of note for Walt include:

PITA Executive Committee
President 1998-2004
Past President 2004-2005; 2009-2011
Director 2005-2009
Del Norte Rod & Gun Club
Wrote Friends of the NRA grant for lights.
Served seven years as President.

Welcome to the PITA Hall of Fame, Walt. Thank you for your service to the PITA.