MARVIN LOY is probably one of PITA’s most ardent supporters. He has over 300,000 targets shot since he started shooting which some folks say was in the late 90’s, that’s 1890’s. Years ago someone said we need an auctioneer for the after hours events. Marvin he said “I can do that” and he hasn’t stopped. There are few shooters who haven’t felt the wrath of Marv for waving to a friend and becoming the unwitting buyer of whatever is being sold. Marv can shoot any gun, some good and some not so good. Being a gun dealer he starts out with a Model 12 then progresses through most every other brand in the rack, in the same event. He continues to win through the Veteran, Senior and now the Elder class. Marv can shoot good or bad, either way you would never know by his demeanor. He is always friendly, helpful and ready with advice or comments. He seems to know everyone and everyone knows him.