Art Fenton

“I worked as a trap boy at a two trap club when I was 12 years old. I soon learned it was fun but expensive.

My daughter and my son-in-law gave me a field grade 12 gauge over and under shotgun for Christmas in 1987. I started shooting registered targets in1988. After about 5000 registered targets, with a gun that didn’t fit, I talked my wife, Carmon, into allowing me to buy a Browning Citori trap gun. Then she purchased a Beretta 303 and the kids inheritance started to decrease.

In 1990, at my home club of Gig Harbor, I broke my first 100 straight in singles. From that point on I have been in class AA/AAA for singles. Through the 2016 shoot year I have shot 125 100 straights in singles, in the PITA.

I have won three Washington State Singles Championships, 2002,2012 and 2016, (at the age of 75). I won the PITA Grand Singles Championship in 2003.The shoot-off for the Grand win was the ugliest I was ever involved with, (24-24-24-25)

I finally made the 27 yard line in 1993, the same month I retired from working for the U.S.Navy. I’ve been on the PITA All-Star Team over a dozen times. I have over 200,000 registered PITA targets.

The longest run of single targets is 805, shot in that other conference in Arizona. I have over a hundred 100 straights in singles and approx. half a dozen 100 straights in doubles, also in that other conference.

I have been involved with the Washington State PITA Board and the PITA Executive Committee. I have authored several rule changes and rule clarifications. I’ve also been involved with several PITA Corporate By-Law changes. I plan on fading into the sunset concerning my involvement in rule changes.

Thank You for the honor of being selected to the PITA Hall of Fame.”