Leo Pike

Leo Pike began his shooting career in 1971 when he joined the South Vancouver Island Rangers and began competing in PITA shoots in 1973. Leo became interested in the administration of rules, club operations, and gained numerous friends with his total commitment  to the sport. During the 80’s, Leo became the BC representative to the central handicap committee, a post he held throughout his life. His enthusiasm for the sport was unmatched and with his wife Karen, they were a constant part of the shooting community especially at the Grand Pacific over the years. Everyone who passed the handicap table either met Leo or he met them.  A quite man by nature, he left his influence on so many friends on both sides of the border and his influence is especially remembered by all.  Together, Leo and Karen totaled over 560,000 targets (Leo 300,000 and Karen over 260,000) — a record in the PITA history.  A builder, shooter, friend, and competitor, Leo left us far too early, and the Covid pandemic has delayed this tribute until we can once again gather at the Grand to honor our friend.